Without Finishing My Coat

Dir: Miguel Mas

The story of time traveling into the future where human beings are fascinated primarily with themselves. All action takes place within a dream without an ending. Hernan has a dream about a coat, beautifully tailored, except for one sleeve, which is full of holes. In his dream he searches for his soul… and for his life’s potential. Two philosophers, Carpa and Morgan help him to take the next step into another dimension. The dream is inside you… dream on.



Wes Mcgee


Luis Arrieta

Philosopher Morgan

Cesar Giraldo

Philosopher Carpa

Adalberto Lujan



Miguel Mas

Writer | Director | Producer Executive Producer | Art Director

Rubén D. Calderón

Custome Design | Music Score

Tommy Mosle Jr.

Associate Producer

Octavio Tshelebi

Original Music Score

Carlos Snachez

Sound Mixer

Gerardo Gonzales

Sound Designer

Max Nguyen

Director of Photography

Ricardo Ochoa Fernandez

Production Leader | Original Song

Nathan Hayashigawa


Jose Jesus Paredes

Editor | Visual Effects

Nelson Leal

Art Work