Dir: Miguel Mas

2+2=5=1 is a love equation that makes us understand how we come to feel in our relationships. All human beings are fully exposed when we encounter love; perhaps exposed to that chemistry of the second skin that stands before us. This chemistry can be sensual, innocent, wild, pure or human. But could it be all of these things at once? The four guys, Alejandro, Maximiliano, Cristian and Fabian, are going to find out if their true love is really the one for them. All of this will be revealed in a videotape, that Alejandro will find from his best friend Viviana.

The story begins when Alejandro, a gay guy, has a vision of his now deceased best friend, Viviana. That vision remains with him during the day making him think that there is a truth to be found and that he must search for. That day he decides to do away with all the things that he still has from his ex boyfriend Maximiliano. As he is doing this, he is physically moved by a strange force and yet another vision comes to him. This new force now moves him towards a box. In this box, which he knows belongs to his ex, he finds a lot of videotapes and, among them, and he discovers an envelope from Viviana. Inside the envelope he finds a videotape and a letter that says she wants him to fulfill a mission; her last request. He must re-unite the four estranged friends in order to watch this tape. Alejandro picks up the phone and the roller-coaster-ride begins…

Maximiliano, Alejandro’s ex boyfriend, receives a phone call from Alejandro and even though he doesn’t want to be in contact with him, he has to listen to what Alejandro has to say. And because the request to get together comes from Viviana, he feels he must go to Alejandro’s house to see what she has to say in this tape. But Maximiliano also has a feeling that Alejandro has discovered a deep secret and personal, matter thing that he has been concealing.

Then Alejandro calls Fabian, one of the straight guys. Fabian is trying to forget everything about his past but he is surprised when he receives the phone call from Alejandro, the friend whose calls he didn’t return. Even though Fabian hopes to disconnect from this world, he needs to go to Alejandro’s house to see what Viviana has to say to him and to them.

The phone call from Alejandro to Cristian, the other straight guy is the last one. Cristian is in deep pain for he has lost Viviana and his friends, but he gets excited when he receives the phone call from Alejandro, inviting him again to his house. And even more when that invitation comes from Viviana. To him, it is a gift…and maybe she is still alive after all.

The Girl, Viviana, would be the innocent one, who could do anything, even get close to death, because she always wanted to feel freedom. And now she wants to tell them that she just went with the flow. Nothing could be wrong because she always felt that we had to accept everything that came into our lives. But she doesn’t know if everything that she has to say could be accepted by them.

In this fascinating road, one of the five characters will discover that the love that he feels is different, even though he will find out that his best friend has a different kind of love for him that she has for the others.

Alejandro will know that every love is the one for the one who loves, but also because of that he will know that his love is unique.




Tanya Soler


César Giraldo


Miguel Mas


Adalberto Lujan


Javier Prato


Fernando Carrillo


Miguel Mas

Writer | Director | Producer |

Art Director | Casting Director | Production Design

Emilio Kauderer

Music Score

Juan Luis Barry

Theme Song

Javier Prato

Director of Photography | Editor /p>

Tabbert Fiiller

Director of Photography

Eduardo Terry

Line Producer

Carlos Sanchez

Re recording mixer